Emily Ratajkowski: the pregnant supermodel addicted to cosmetic surgery? His scathing response

Followed by 27 million fans on Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski is an influential personality! If the pretty brunette receives a lot of kind messages on social networks, she sometimes faces criticism. For the past year, Internet users have kept repeating that her mouth is not natural and that she would be addicted to cosmetic surgery. In order to silence the rumors, it was while sharing a selfie that Emily Ratajkowski unveiled: “For all those who say: ‘You should stop giving yourself lip injections.’ I have NEVER GOT injections to my mouth (without judging those who do – you are hot), and you cannot do it when you are pregnant. The blood volume of a pregnant woman increases by 50%, which is why women may have a little more puffy face and lips during pregnancy. “

Annoyed, the 29-year-old model also wanted to respond to those who think it has been too long since she has displayed her baby bump. “Second, people who say, ‘You’ve been pregnant forever.’ LOL yes the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks which can certainly sound like a long time but I announced my pregnancy when I was halfway through and it’s only been three months since! In fact it has been weird fast in my opinion, “the star revealed before adding:” It’s kind of weird to see your body change so much in a few months, but I found that I had a whole new appreciation for what my body can do. and what is beautiful and I will celebrate it here when I feel like it. ” With this answer, Emily Ratajkowski proved that she is happier than ever and that she doesn’t care about criticism.

The model’s response to criticism about her body

If Emily Ratajkowski is now comfortable in her body, she has always been the victim of criticism. Indeed, Internet users are convinced that she had recourse to cosmetic surgery. A few months ago, the model then shared a snapshot of her as a teenager in order to respond to the controversy. She then wrote: “I used to show this photo of myself at 14 to show that I wasn’t redone. Now I’m a little sad that she exists. I was just a teenager on this. photo and I would have liked the world to encourage me to be something other than my body. However, I think my body helped me to flourish (…) Fortunately, I discovered other parts about me that are way more important than my looks. If you are a 14 year old girl reading this, don’t worry about that just yet. Read a lot of books and know that what you see on Instagram is only a small fraction of what a human being. “

Emily Ratajkowski © Backgrid USA

Emily Ratajkowski © Backgrid USA
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