Emily Ratajkowski: she reveals her incredible figure in a mini bikini a month after giving birth

Every woman’s body reacts differently after pregnancy, and Emily Ratajkowski recalled it just a few days ago, on Instagram. The top model, who gave birth on March 8 to a little Sylvester, caused a real earthquake this weekend by posting a video of her in a bikini. So far, nothing unusual for the 27 million subscribers of the young woman, rather acclimated to a bare feed. No, what particularly agitates the crowd is Emily Ratajkowski’s firm body and shaped abs, just five weeks after having a baby. “Am I wrong or did you give birth a month ago?”, “If it’s your postpartum body, I don’t want to hear anything anymore”, “Don’t tell me this woman gave birth last month?”, can we read among the comments. Indeed, watching the video, hard to imagine that there are still five weeks, Emily Ratajkowski was pregnant. For some Internet users, convinced of any deception, it could be a video dating from before her pregnancy. An unlikely theory since apart from the fact that the young woman is dressed in her brand new collection of bikinis – which probably did not exist 9 months ago – the most observers have ensured that the model’s chest was indeed that of ‘a young mother.

Emily Ratajkowski, accused by some Internet users of failing in “women’s empowerment”

The truth accepted, the comments then clashed on the notion of “women’s empowerment”, this movement which advocates the emancipation and empowerment of women by themselves. A noticeably fuzzy notion for many, with some blaming Emily Ratajkowski for flaunting her perfect body when other mothers don’t have the same experience. The paradox then lies in the fact of throwing stones at a woman for her body, when the empowerment of women consists in celebrating them all.

Emily Ratajkowski © STARMAX

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