It’s a shock wave that has just lifted the world of music. On November 9, Emily Ratajkowski will publish a book, called My Body, in which she claims to have been sexually assaulted by singer Robin Thicke. According to information revealed by The Sunday Times, this Sunday, October 3, the facts would have taken place during the filming of the clip for the song Blurred Lines. The media published a few excerpts from the book in their article and the testimony of the top model is chilling.

Emily Ratajkowski therefore relates what would have happened in 2013: “Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the freshness and strangeness of the hands of a stranger who touched my bare breasts from behind”, says- her in her book. The model, who recently became a mother, would then have moved away from her attacker and would have recognized Robin Thicke. “He gave a goofy smile and staggered back, eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.” A scene that even shocked the director of the clip, Diane Martel who told the Sunday Times: “I remember the moment he grabbed her chest. A breast in each hand. He was standing behind her and they were all there. two in profile. I yelled in my very aggressive voice: ‘What the hell are you doing? The shooting is over’ “!

“I didn’t react, at least not really”

Of this incident, Emily Ratajkowski recalls her reaction to the fact: “I held my head up high and shrugged, avoiding eye contact, feeling all the heat of humiliation run through my body. I didn’t react, at least not really. Not the way I should have. ” Robin Thicke, meanwhile, would have “apologized shamefully. As if he knew it was wrong but didn’t understand what it might have made Emily feel. I don’t think he would have done that if he had.” been sober “. For the moment, the main interested party has not reacted to the accusations of the top model.

Emily Ratajkowski © The ImageDirect

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  1. She can do whatever she wants it’s all lies and thats it hope no one will bother buying her waste of time books hope no money making robin thicke didnt at the time on the set didnt grope her breasts at all was behind her thats all she was the one that groped them herself like if she was asking for it to get some attention like if she was horny or something sure her fault fir being on the set being topless what in the world made her who knows shoukdve never bothered at all shoukdve kept your top on she wasnt being sexual assaulted or harrased one big lier she is waited till today to tell the world after 8 yrs later I’m sure T.I and pharrell Williams didn’t see nothing and believe that Robin didnt touch emily at all in the video he wasnt drunk or anything so ever since before I became a robin Thicke fan I’ve seen it for myself what happen it’s not true so Wether or not if her husband seen the video or not hopefully sees what kind of wife he has would lie about something like this hope divorce soon haha emily she’ll get big time laugh she’ll get !!

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