It’s no secret that Emily Ratajkowski is very comfortable with her body. Having become the mother of a little Sylvester, the model has found her line and does not hesitate to show it on her networks. On her Instagram account this Friday, July 1, the young woman shared a photo that divided her subscribers: we see her completely naked, take the pose lying on the side … of her dog! The shot, disturbing for some, beautiful for others, showed her buttocks in the air as she reproduced the same pose as her animal, legs raised while he was lying on the ground. In the comments, opinions were divided to say the least… If some complimented Emily Ratajkowski, others seemed shocked by this particular photo.

“I don’t know how to feel…”, “what’s the point?”, “Very strange”, “It’s scary and at the same time an incredible image”, “Why are you still naked?” , “Is it just me or is it really weird?”, “And what is this photo for?”, can we read in particular. Comments that should not have shocked Emily Ratajkowski, unfortunately used to being criticized by her detractors on social networks. The young woman, who became known in part for her dream physique, took time to tame her postpartum body. “Reflecting on my relationship with my body while being pregnant and giving birth to my last child over the past year has helped me develop a new appreciation for my body in a way that I never had before. “, confided the wife of Sebastian Bear-McClard in the columns of Elle.

Emily Ratajkowski: “Beauty is not the only way to have power”

“Instead of just seeing it as a tool, I learned to respect and value my body as a vessel of life – for me and for a new life like that of my son”, then assured Emily Ratajkowski. A model known for her shapes, the young woman is also a feminist activist. A fight that she revealed in several books and that she leads by educating her son. To Madame Figaro, she confided to being reassured not to have had a daughter. “If one day I had one, I would never tell her what she should or shouldn’t do. Instead, I would like to explain the world to her as well as possible as it is, to allow her to understand the power dynamics between men and women, give her the most extensive picture so she can know what to do when you’re a woman, when you’re pretty, explained Emily Ratajkowski. make it clear that beauty isn’t the only way to have power.”

Emily Ratajkowski © AGENCY


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