Emily Blunt: this hereditary handicap that made her lose all self-confidence

She has come a long way to find a place in Hollywood. In 2006, the public discovered Emily Blunt in the skin of Emily Charlton, this petty and tyrannical assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, opposite Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Quickly, the British actress followed roles in comedies, before playing in blockbusters. However, there was no indication that she would become one of the most prominent actresses in cinema, and this because of a disability that has long been a problem for her as a child. “I am a former stutterer”, she confides in the columns of Public, on newsstands Friday, March 12.

Not having confidence in herself for a long time because of this hereditary handicap – her grandfather and her cousin also stutter – Emily Blunt explains that for her, speaking has long been “a real test”. “No matter how hard I struggled to formulate sentences, I always stumbled over words,” says the actress. It was not until the age of twelve that she managed to overcome her stuttering by integrating acting lessons thanks to the advice of one of her teachers at Ibstock Place School, who then advised her to take a different accent. “By repeating my lines with an accent, the stuttering disappeared, it was magic”, confides the wife of John Krasinski, who qualifies this moment as “the beginning of the rebirth”.

Emily Blunt’s dad in tears when he saw her as Mary Poppins

By overcoming her handicap, the actress has thus opened the doors to the world of theater and cinema, which have become beyond a hobby and a remedy for her stuttering, a real passion. So in 2018, this allowed her to reprise the famous role of Mary Poppins in the sequel to the first film released in 1964 with Julie Andrews in the title role. A role that greatly moved the father of the actress, who cried when he discovered her performance.

Emily Blunt © Pierre Perusseau

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