He paid. Emile Hirsch is an actor whose career began at the age of 8. It is in Sabrina, the apprentice witch that he takes his first steps before chaining small roles. However, he made a name for himself thanks to his participation in the film Into the Wild, based on a true story and adapted from the novel by Jon Krakauer and directed by Sean Penn. He plays Christopher McCandless, a young American from a good family whose life seems to be mapped out, who decides to leave everything to go live alone in Alaska. This will be broadcast on M6 this Saturday, February 5. the opportunity to recall the terrible attack he committed a few years ago. The facts date back to January 15, 2015. Emile Hirsch was at Tao Nightclub in Park City with members of Paramount Pictures. Among them was Daniele Bernfeld, an executive, who refused his advances. Indeed, she would have told him that a “rich kid like him had no place at the Sundance Film Festival”. Words that would have quickly made him spin, especially since he was under the influence of alcohol.

A shocking act. According to press information at the time, Emile Hirsch allegedly tried “to strangle Daniele Bernfeld before throwing her on a table at the Tao club in Park City, Utah”, police revealed. Witnesses also explained that the actor would have made “incoherent remarks and had difficulty standing up straight”. For his part, the principal concerned had not denied the facts, affirming that he had “drank three or four glasses”. During the judgment of Emile Hirsch, which was held in August of the same year, Daniele Bernfeld spoke. “I thought I was going to die”, she had first explained before evoking an “incredibly painful and absolutely terrifying altercation”. According to her words, it was “two people who came to help me so that he could get out of me. If they had not intervened, the attack would have continued”, she continued. The American actor had been sentenced to 15 days in prison, a fine of $4,750 and had to perform 50 hours of community service. For his part, the victim had made it clear that he was not satisfied with this conviction. “If a violent attack in a place full of witnesses can end like this, what about the women who are assaulted, helpless, in a hallway, a bathroom, or behind the doors of their own house? in a press release.

Emile Hirsch: did he react to this attack?

Emile Hirsch quickly broke the silence and apologized. “I know it was really wrong and irresponsible,” he told the judge before assuring that he did not remember “the scene or the reasons for this altercation”. Subsequently, he clarified that he had “no excuse. It was I who took these chemicals”. After repeatedly expressing his regrets, he rushed to a drug treatment.

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