A sequence that went around the web in minutes… During the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith went on stage to hit Chris Rock, who had made a joke about the hair loss of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Not losing his temper, it was on finding his seat that the actor had yelled twice: “Leave my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!” A little later, during his acceptance speech after receiving the Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of Richard Williams in the film The Williams Method, Will Smith dropped: “I want to apologize to the Academy. Love makes you do crazy things.” On social networks, many stars reacted to the scene. “At your highest moment…Be careful, that’s where the devil is trying to get you,” rapper Cardi B wrote.

Many personalities have condemned the gesture of Will Smith, but also the joke of Chris Rock. Sophia Bush, ex-star of The Brothers Scott series shared: “Violence is not acceptable. Aggression is never the answer. And this is the second time that Chris has made fun of Jada on stage. Academy Awards, and tonight he went after his alopecia. Making fun of immune diseases sucks. Doing it on purpose is cruel. They both need a break.” For her part, Maria Shriver, the ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote: “We should never come to a place where we sit and watch a movie star punch someone on world television then, for a few moments later receive a standing ovation while talking about love.”

Will Smith, could he have his prize withdrawn?

Following this act of violence, the Academy of Oscars would have had an emergency meeting on Zoom. The latter would be divided on the question of withdrawing his price from the actor. Indeed, this attack violates a new code of conduct developed by the Academy following the Me Too movement. A source revealed to The Sun: “Once the ceremony was over, they called key members to arrange an emergency meeting to discuss what to do. There were calls for Will to be stripped of his Best Actor award. They can’t be seen as condoning violence in any way, and some people at the Academy think they should take the award away from him to make a point. Others, however, think he should be allowed to do so. keep.”

Will Smith © AMPAS via Grosby

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