Elvis Presley met Priscilla Wagner while doing his military service in Germany. Priscilla’s stepfather, an army officer, was also stationed in Germany with his family. When they met, the American singer was 24 years old, and his crush, 14 years old. Her parents obviously did not want her to date the singer, already famous and much too old for her. But the young girl insisted, madly in love! They finally agreed to see each other again, but never alone. However, one day, the king of rock’n’roll disobeyed and took his sweetheart to Graceland, without a family chaperone, which did not please the parents of the teenager at all.

Furious, Priscillia’s parents gave him an ultimatum: either he marries their daughter, or they file a complaint for the embezzlement of a minor. The star accepts the deal: they get engaged in 1966 and get married in 1967, in Las Vegas. Some witnesses say the Can’t Help Falling Love performer was very upset about being forced to get married, but others claim he was thrilled and they were very happy. Together, they had a daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, born in 1968, who would later marry another King of Pop: Michael Jackson.

Why did Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorce?

The couple did not last long: they separated in 1972 and divorced in 1973. Involved? The many infidelities of Elvis Presley, who cheated on his young wife whenever he was on tour. Tired, the latter preferred to pack her bags. She quickly rebuilt her life with a sports coach and the rockstar was so upset that she wanted to have him murdered! Fortunately, he changed his mind, and he finally calmed down. The two former spouses remained very close to raise their daughter Lisa Marie, and came out hand in hand from the court after their divorce.


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