Elvis Presley and John Lennon are some of the best-known musicians of all time, yet audiences continue to learn about them more than 40 years after their deaths. On September 19, it was British DJ and radio host Bob Harris who made the revelations about the relationship between the two men. Guest on the Rockonteurs podcast, he explained that then-President Richard Nixon used the good relationship between the two musicians to ask Elvis Presley to spy on John Lennon: “Nixon was a great friend of Elvis and vice versa and the musician was instructed to gather as much information as possible about John Lennon, who saw him as a “counterculture enemy” and during his years as president, between 1969-1974, he tried to have him extradited to England “.

Known at the time for his pacifist positions, especially against the Vietnam War, John Lennon represented an obstacle for the American president: “John Lennon was stuck in New York and in the United States, more broadly. He knew that if he returned to England, he would never be able to set foot in the United States again, not while Nixon was in the White House. ” Still very well known and followed at the time despite the separation of the Beatles, John Lennon was considered a real threat by the government: “One would have thought that Lennon was delusional when he said that he felt spied on, that he had been spied on. he felt his phone was bugged and he felt he was being followed on the street, but it was reality, “says Bob Harris.

The end of the friendship between Elvis Presley and John Lennon

The fact that Elvis Presley agreed to spy on the former Beatles member visibly ended their friendship, according to Bob Harris: “This rivalry was a big disappointment for John Lennon because he loved the records of Elvis and finding out that he was the president’s right-hand man came as a big shock to him. ” John Lennon ultimately lived in New York City until his assassination in 1980, while Elvis Presley died three years earlier of a heart attack.

Elvis Presley © Warner Bros.

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