Elvis Presley: Craziest Conspiracy Theories About The King’s “Fake” Death

The day after Elvis Presley’s birthday, the general public is still wondering about the King’s death. Friday January 8, the singer would have celebrated his 86 years. The singer’s death on August 16, 1977 had caused a stir around the world. But some fans are sure: Elvis Presley is still alive. Indeed, the British newspaper The Mirror has listed all the theories around the King’s resurrection.

For some, Elvis Presley would have become a supporting actor, appearing for example in Mom, I missed the plane !, because of the striking resemblance of an actor to the singer. Others believe he is part of the Mafia and enjoys close protection due to his dealings with gangsters and the FBI. Author of the book Is Elvis Alive ?, Gail Brewer-Giorgio told The Time magazine that she had consulted FBI documents and drew the following conclusion: “Do I know if Elvis is still alive? No, I do not know . But what I do know is that he did not die on August 16. ”

Elvis Presley become a gardener?

For some people, Elvis Presley would be a gardener within Graceland, the singer’s home in Memphis. CCTV footage shows a white-haired man walking through the property and briefly staring at the camera, some of which has facial features similar to the star’s.

The epitaph from Elvis Presley’s grave also raises questions because of its error. Indeed, it is registered Elvis Aaron Presley instead of Elvis Aron Presley. For the conspirators, this shows that the interpreter of Jailhouse Rock is still alive. It remains to be seen which of these theories is true …

Elvis Presley © MGM

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