Elton John and his companion David Furnish go back a long way. The star and her partner began dating in 1993. They united, at the initiative of Elton John, on December 21, 2005, the very first day that British law authorized same-sex civil unions. The couple later married legally in December 2014 following a new legislative development.

Born in Canada, in Toronto, in a family of three sons, David Furnish celebrated his 57th birthday in October 2019. He is 16 years younger than her husband Elton John. His childhood was heckled as he confided in 2015 to the Canadian media The Star: “I was really mocked and harassed during my schooling.” These years of training, however, allowed him to take acting lessons, to put on plays and to forge faithful friendships, in particular with Éric McCormack, the future star of the series Will & Grace. The revelation of his homosexuality to his mother Gladys, a housewife, remained a particularly painful memory in his memory. At the time, the AIDS epidemic was worsening and was still presented as a disease linked to the homosexual community. David Furnish tells our colleagues: “I remember my mother saying to me: “I love you and support you, but I fear that you are entering a life of sadness, isolation, prejudice and illness. “

David Furnish, on leaving a university education which he had largely financed through jobs, was hired by a large advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. In the late 1980s, David Furnish asked to be transferred to his firm’s London offices. Officially, it was about getting a more prestigious managerial job, but David Furnish explained to the Star behind the scenes: “I was running away because I had to come out. By the time I left Toronto , I was really living a double life. […] It was not the most honest, healthy and happy way to live your life.” It was in London, in 1993, that he met Elton John, while accompanying friends invited to an evening at the singer’s.

Later, David Furnish will make minor appearances as an actor, in the series Une nanny d’enfer in particular or make a TV documentary about his lover (Tantrum & tiaras). But most of his second career after advertising will take place in film production. In 1996, he took over the co-management of Rocket Pictures, a production company created by Elton John. A firm that will produce, in addition to the biopic Rocketman currently on screens, cartoons (Gnomeo and Juliet and its sequel Sherlock gnomes), romantic comedies (You, that’s me) as well as a TV movie Virtuoso, directed by Alan Ball (Six feet under). David Furnish is also the president of the Elton John Aids foundation, created in 1992, which fights for the prevention of AIDS.

David Furnish and Elton John are raising two sons from an American surrogate. Zachary was born in December 2010 and Elijah in January 2013.

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Sir Elton John and husband David Furnish at the ‘Rocketman’ premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema in London on May 20, 2019 © BESTIMAGE


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