Elsa Hosk: the incredible birth story of the Victoria’s Secret angel

At 32, Elsa Hosk became a mom for the first time. Five days after the birth of her little girl, the famous model wanted to tell about her natural childbirth on her Instagram account. Desiring to inform future mothers about this unique moment, it is through a six-part essay that she confided in this way. To begin, the pretty blonde revealed, “A few months after the pregnancy started, someone told me and Tom to watch a documentary called The business of being born. We watched it and it m ‘opened my eyes to another way of seeing birth (…) So when we found our home in Los Angeles and decided to move across the country at 7 months pregnant, I didn’t feel like to go through the process of finding a new hospital. Instead, we found a midwife, a doula and a hypno-birth coach and decided not to leave our new home. Because I had had a low risk pregnancy and she was doing great in it, we came up with a new birth plan to make it happen naturally in the water. I have always loved and felt comforted by the water. Every time in my life that I have felt sad, upset, that I have needed to relax, need comfort , the bath was my place. “

Explaining that her labor had started a few days before her due date, Elsa Hosk explained, “I had contractions that seemed manageable for 2 days before the active labor phase started, but they woke me up every 10 days. minutes during the night so didn’t get much sleep during those 2 nights. We called our doula in the middle of the night on the second night as the contractions were 3 minutes apart, but once she arrived, they slowed down again. She stayed with us all night and day and helped me through many exercises and positions to try and induce labor again. We walked around the garden, did yoga , tried pumping out the breast milk. I was exhausted, but we didn’t want to have another sleepless night without a baby because I desperately needed the energy to push the baby. “

“The pain was strong”

Moved, the young mother recalled: “In the evening, when the contractions were still 10 minutes apart and still no change in the dilation of the cervix, we called an acupuncturist who came to trying to increase the contractions and start active labor. Right after she left I went to bed to try to sleep and felt a pop in my stomach and water started to come out. I sent a text to Tom who worked in the other part of the house: ‘Baby, I think I’ve lost my waters’ and at that moment I felt the strongest contraction I had felt so far. And they kept coming. I assumed it was active labor. The pain was strong and the only relief I could think of was taking a hot shower (…) About an hour later, we call our doula, who had probably just come home.Once I got there, I was already making quite a few noises and the idea of ​​quitting the shower now and not having the comfort of hot water is unthinkable. I lay down in the shower between the waves to rest and pull myself together and once the contraction comes, I have to be on my feet and hold onto something to cross it. “

At worst, Elsa Hosk waited a long time for the arrival of her midwife. “I breathe and try to stay calm as our hypno birthing coach taught me and eventually I’m driven to the birthing pool. I know from the plan that usually the birthing pool is there. last step and this is where I’m going to push to pull the baby out. The contractions are stronger now, but I imagine that with each of them my baby is getting closer to me. The second I walked in. the birthing pool, I can’t remember having opened my eyes for a long time. I remember Johanna, my midwife’s assistant feeling how dilated I am and I think the baby’s head is already almost out but she says there is still 0.5cm left, “she explained, before adding:” It feels like she will never come out. I’m starting to doubt if I can do it. Hold on, bring her out. Then I remember I can’t stop, there is no other way but to suffer. he can’t stay in there, he has to get out. I pretend every contraction is a wave, I have to take a deep breath and dive under it and not let the air come out until it’s over. “

“I am overwhelmed with love”

Finally, it was by changing position that the model lost water. “Giving birth is really about confronting yourself and your fears and doubts and going through the other side. It is the worst pain and fear and darkness I have ever known in these times. feel like an animal. I let go of all senses of what you are supposed to look like, of what someone would think of me, of what was normal many, many hours ago. I left my ego, my pride. I am getting closer to my baby “, she explained. Supported by her companion, her midwife and her doula, Elsa Hosk kept telling herself that each thrust brought her closer to her baby. She revealed: “We are working to get the head out for 2 hours. Then finally with the biggest and longest push, and a sound and a feeling that I have never felt or created in life – the whole head. came out. I’m so relieved, never felt so relieved. I feel like it’s over. Then her body with another big push. And she’s put on my chest. All the blood and liquids are everywhere and she poops all over me, and she searches for my nipple. And the greatest pain I ever felt is forgotten, I’m overwhelmed with love, pride, happiness. There she is. I talk to her. I tell her I’m so proud of her. “

Finally, it was with emotion that Elsa Hosk added: “After her birth, I hold her. I don’t want to let go. The midwife does tests and then gives her back to me quickly. Tells us things we need to do. know, I’m too exhausted to hear, hoping Tom remembers. The placenta comes out with a few contractions and a push as it rests on me (…) My doula asks what we want to eat and orders the salad tastiest egg and avocado I have ever had. Then everyone leaves. It’s just us, me Tom and Tuuli. We all fall asleep together on the bed she was born in. A few days go by. have passed since then and sometimes I look at her and I cry when I think of what we have been through together. I feel such gratitude for the women around me, I look at the mothers around me with such deep respect and admiration and I feel such gratitude for the beautiful profession of midwives and doulas. “

Elsa Hosk © Instagram

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