Elodie Frégé won the third season of Star Academy. For the first time in the history of tele-hook, the big winner decided to share her winnings with the show’s other finalist, Michal Kwiatkowski. Thus, the million euros was shared between the two singers. Only, all was not so simple. Indeed, in the Against-addictions podcast hosted by Rose, she explained the true distribution of her earnings. “I split my prize, the contract with Universal, which meant that the advance on royalties was split in half, and I’m delighted. I’m delighted to have been able to offer this gift to this precious being that is Michal Kwiatkowski”, says the musician.

If his first album sold very well, since it was certified double gold, with 200,000 copies sold, there is still a problem. Indeed, the famous singer still owes money to her label since her other albums were not as well received by her fans and sales were not there. “We are talking about 500,000 euros in advance. Michal, he did not make a record right away, this money was his since he did not have to reimburse it if he did not make a record. C It was you who repaid above all, a lot”, thus launched the host of the podcast facing the singer, who assured to have everything “tried, in any case”.

Elodie Frégé: “No no, I did not win the lottery”

Regarding the repayment of his debt, Elodie Frégé responded with great honesty. “We don’t. I’ve often tried to explain that in interviews where people cut corners, saying I won the lottery. No no, I didn’t win the lottery, I won an advance so it was already taxable at 48% And then in fact, when you know that you have to answer to such a big label, who expects you to be the new hot starlet and that suddenly you, by the fact of having lived this experience at Star Academy which is a magnificent test which allows you to learn a lot about yourself, finally you no longer want to do what they want to hear.” Something to clear things up.

Elodie Frégé in debt: this large sum she owes to her label since her victory at Star Ac'

Elodie Frégé © Christophe Clovis

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