Elliot Page: Actor shares his first selfie since announcing he’s transgender

Assigned girl at birth and after many years spent “in the closet”, as he claims, Elliot Page (formerly Ellen Page) is determined to take full responsibility for her transidentity. And fortunately, the star of the film Juno has enjoyed the unwavering support of his many fans but also of the LGBTQI + community. In a new publication relayed on his Instagram account this Sunday, December 20, the actor thanked his admirers, filled with happiness at the approach of a new year. “From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” he captioned the caption, “your love and support has been the greatest gift. Stay safe. Be there for each other.” In the process, he called for the support of two associations helping young transgender people, the latter often being rejected or even abused by those around them following their coming-out: Transanta and Trans Lifeline.

One way for Elliot Page, who strikes a pose wearing a black cap, a vest of the same color, hood up, and a blue shirt with a button-down collar, to announce that the year 2021 would be placed under the sign of resistance to violence targeting the transgender community. “See you in 2021”, promised the main concerned. In the comments thread, anonymous and famous Internet users were numerous to support him, once again. Singer Janelle Monáe who, after revealing her pansexuality in 2018 appeared to have made her own non-binary coming out (another form of transidentity) in January 2020, responded with several emoticons in the effigy of red hearts. .

Elliot Page: Everything For Umbrella Academy Fans

The news had had the effect of a bomb. On December 1, after three decades of being known as Ellen Page, Elliot Page revealed himself to be a transgender man, making this previous identity his deadname (given name in the civil registry at birth, before that a person does not find a new first name, according to his gender).

The announcement was made via a poignant, open-hearted publication unveiled on Instagram. “Hi friends, I am transgender and I want to share it with you,” wrote the 33-year-old actor in particular. But out of the question for him to disappoint his fans. The flagship face of the Netflix series Umbrella Academy, in the skin of Vanya Hargreeves, the much underrated number 7, Elliot Page has announced that he will continue to play her in season three of the soap opera, thus slipping into the skin of a cisgender woman (who recognizes herself in the gender assigned to her at birth).

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