Ellie Goulding: Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend is pregnant with her first child

The star will become a mother! During an interview with Vogue magazine, Ellie Goulding revealed that she was seven months pregnant. While the singer did not reveal the gender of her baby, she explained how she found out she was pregnant. “We realized that when Caspar and I left briefly when we were allowed to do so for our first wedding anniversary. That’s when we found out. It was crazy because that it was our first anniversary. It wasn’t the plan. The thought of getting pregnant didn’t seem like it could be a reality. Getting pregnant made me feel human. I have shapes that I didn’t have never had before. I enjoy it. My husband loves it, “the star explained.

In all transparency, the singer revealed that she was in denial early in her pregnancy, because she didn’t really think she was pregnant: “It happened really quickly, and then you hardly believe it at the beginning. eating the same thing you don’t look different, for a while i was probably in denial. i was in such good shape. ” Seeing her body transform, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend had to face the facts: “I started to have a completely different body and a different energy, I couldn’t handle everything. And I started to have a completely different body and a different energy, I couldn’t handle everything. was a little terrified. I suddenly wanted all the wrong things! Whatever that baby did when he took control of my body was like, ‘Damn no – I don’t want broccoli, spinach, green cabbage! ‘”

“I am excited to be a mother”

Pregnant in the midst of a global pandemic, the British singer revealed to be happy to become a mother and also confided: “Sickness and fatigue were nothing I had known before. I have the feeling that it is taboo to talk about pregnancy as a challenge. It’s not always calm and you are not always radiant. I’m not saying that every second of this pregnancy has been trying. It won’t always be easy. have a new respect for every woman who has children. ” Finally, Ellie Goulding added, “I’m excited to be a mother, but I also want to make sure that I keep working. I can’t wait to go on tour again.”

Ellie Goulding © FLYNET UK

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