Ellie Goulding pregnant: Prince Harry’s ex has remained very close to a woman of the royal family

She calls on her friend for advice. Ellie Goulding announced in an interview with Vogue on February 23 that she was expecting her first child. According to information published by People this Saturday, March 27, the singer does not hesitate to turn to her friends for advice. Among them, Princess Eugenie who became the mother of a little boy, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, on February 9. The two met at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 as Ellie Goulding performed a song. “She is really a great friend. We talk a lot about pregnancy and she was a source of inspiration”, said the young woman before specifying that she was also able to count on Katy Perry: “Katy was also great, everything like my manager, who went through her pregnancy with me, our families and friends, having children brings everyone together, ”says Ellie Goulding. Impatient to become a mother, she said however that she will not hesitate to go on tour again quickly: “The baby will also come. Women can always get by. My team is predominantly female so that helps a lot”, concludes the singer.

During this interview, Ellie Goulding confessed that she hadn’t thought about becoming a mother until she found out that she was pregnant. “I needed time to figure out what was happening to me,” she said before adding, “I’ve always defined myself as a musician who goes on tour regularly. That’s who I am and what I am. I do. Becoming a mother was not part of my plans and I never thought that a woman should be defined by motherhood, “says the singer. During her interview with Vogue last February, she revealed that she had been in denial early in her pregnancy: “It happened really quickly, and then you hardly believe it at first. You keep eating the same thing. thing, you don’t look different, for a while, I was probably in denial. I was in such good shape, “says the young woman. She finally had to face the obvious when her body transformed: “I started to have a completely different body and a different energy, I couldn’t handle everything. And I was a little terrified,” she concludes.

Ellie Goulding, supported by her fans

Following the announcement of her pregnancy, Ellie Goulding was able to count on the support of her close friends but also that of her fans. “I was very surprised to see that everyone was happy for me. It’s amazing to have so much positivity”, she confides before adding that she is now ready to become a mother. : “I feel like I’m part of a bigger community. Over the past few months, I’ve come to understand why pregnant women want to talk to other pregnant women, because it’s all the little things, concerns and stages that you want to hear about, ”concludes the singer.

Ellie Goulding © Instagram

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