It is a rare confidence that Ellen Pompeo made. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the star actress of Grey’s Anatomy spoke like never before about her childhood, spent in the working town of Everett, near Boston. A difficult youth according to her, because marked by a terrible drama which in some ways “shaped” the state of mind of the child she was, and this because of the death of her mother, when she had Four years. “I was quite sad when I was a child,” remembers Ellen Pompeo.

“My sisters or my family might have other impressions of me, but I really had a very sad childhood because I lost my mother when I was 4 years old. It shapes your whole existence, I think. “, she specified, adding that it is however this tragic loss which probably pushed her to leave her hometown and to embark on the profession of actress. “I think it probably made me want to get out of there. This place was sadness for me, so I thought maybe anywhere would be better,” she explained. , adding to have found thanks to this profession a way to “monetize his emotions”.

End clap in Grey’s Anatomy for Ellen Pompeo?

To escape her sadness and also live her dream of becoming an actress, Ellen Pompeo then played roles in films and series, before landing in 2005 the role of Meredith Gray in Grey’s Anatomy. If at the beginning she did not see herself playing this role for several seasons, it is now difficult for her to leave this role that she does not see herself stopping for the moment. However, the one who has been married for several years to Chris Ivery, did not hide that if she had to say goodbye to Meredith, she would do them in due form, offering the faithful of the series a final worthy of the name.

Ellen Pompeo © Agency

Ellen Pompeo © Agency
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