Ellen Page is no more. Tuesday, December 1, the star known for his roles in the movie Juno or in one of the successful series Umbrella Academy (Vanya Hargreeves, Number 7) revealed to have changed gender. “Hi friends, I am transgender and I want to share it with you”, she announced on Twitter in a long text, before revealing her new identity. “I feel lucky to write this. To be here. To have arrived at this place in my life,” Elliot Page wrote.

A new stage in the life of the 33-year-old actor who, in 2014, decided to come out on the set of Ellen DeGeneres. “I’m here because I’m gay. And because I can make a difference, helping others to have easier and more hopeful moments. (…) I couldn’t live in shame anymore”, he had blurted out, marking the spirits with his powerful speech.

Elliot Page’s fears following his transgender coming-out

The husband of dancer Emma Portner said he felt “immense gratitude” to all those who were able to support him during “this long journey”. “I don’t know where to start to express how fantastic it is to finally love who I really am,” he added. However, Elliot Page reveals fear for the future. “My joy is real, but also fragile. The truth is that despite this feeling of being very happy now, I am also afraid. Fear of invasion, of hate, of ‘jokes’ and of violence, ”he revealed.

Indeed, transgender people are victims of a lot of violence, whether verbal or physical. Thus, he concluded his message by addressing these people, “daily confronted with harassment, self-hatred, abuse and the threat of violence”. He assured them that their voices were heard: “I see you, I love you and I will do whatever I can to change this world for the better”.


– Elliot Page (@TheElliotPage) December 1, 2020
Elliot Page (formerly Ellen Page) © Backgrid USA

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