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Elizabeth II: why the queen will have to tighten her belt

The British royal family is also suffering from the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus. According to information relayed by the Harpers Bazaar site, Queen Elizabeth II will have to tighten the belt of her Palace. Indeed, the latest royal accounts revealed that the monarchy is suffering from an estimated deficit of $ 44.5 million due to losses linked to the coronavirus crisis. A consequence due to the sharp drop in tourism in the country. Indeed, the lack of tourists in the royal residences is expected to lose no less than 6.3 million dollars, for at least the next three years. “In responding to these two financial challenges, we do not intend to seek additional funds and will seek to manage the impact with our own efforts and efficiency,” said Sir Michael Stevens, Queen’s Treasurer. .

While the losses are going to be very significant, Queen Elizabeth II has not requested additional financial assistance. It just continues to collect the same $ 110 million from the sovereign grant next year. On the other hand, the British government could supplement the income of the grandmother of Princes William and Harry.

Taxpayers found out how royalty used their money

Details of the royal family’s spending were disclosed in the annual grant report. Thus, taxpayers were able to find out how royalty spent their money. And as much to say that they were not thrilled to learn that the very controversial Prince Andrew went, for his personal leisure, to the Open Golf Championship in the North Island using a private flight, while ‘there were commercial flights that flew the same day. The sporting event of September 2019 therefore took place two months before he was forced to resign from his royal duties.

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