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Elizabeth II: why the queen was absent from the ceremonies of November 11

Would Prince Charles gradually assume his duties as king? While it has been rumored for several weeks that Elizabeth II would be ready to hand over to her eldest son by 2021, it was with amazement that the British attended a fully-conducted November 11 ceremony for the first time. by the Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles. The royal couple thus placed a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier, which has now rested for 100 years in Westminster Abbey in London, before observing a few minutes of silence. A very symbolic ceremony, which Elizabeth II was unable to attend, on the orders of her doctors.

Indeed, as journalist Katie Nicholl reports for Vanity Fair, the queen’s medical teams have advised her against attending the armistice celebrations, as a precaution. It must be said that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Elizabeth II’s doctors are more vigilant than ever and are working to ensure that she is as less exposed as possible to the virus. Thus, it is masked that she appeared during Remembrance Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, November 7, and a meter away from all the people around her, before joining her Windsor Castle to confine with Prince Philip.

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip reunited for their wedding anniversary

Indeed, it is once again far from London and Buckingham Palace that the Queen has decided to confine herself, in particular by ensuring that her husband can join her, he who has since retired from royal life lives in Sandringham. The opportunity for the royal couple to celebrate their wedding anniversary on November 20, while Elizabeth II, if she appears much less in public since the start of the epidemic, sees this time confined as a way to take advantage of the presence from her husband. “Everyone who has seen her recently says that the Queen seems to be leading a new life because she loved the chance to have a good time with Philip”, said a relative of the sovereign, adding that “it is the first time since years that the Queen can spend quality time with her husband “. A bad for a good.

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