Elizabeth II: why the queen should wear purple outfits in the coming weeks?

Last Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 95th birthday. Despite the party in small groups, Buckingham Palace did not fail to mark this day with a milestone. Indeed, a photo of the sovereign has been shared on social networks for once. This is the photo from February 25, 2020 during the Sovereign’s visit to MI5, London. We are talking about “the branch of the British secret service in charge of the internal security of the United Kingdom”.

In the photo, we can clearly see Prince William and Prince Harry’s grandmother with a gorgeous plum coat and matching hat. This is a snapshot that has not been shared for free. Recall that the circumstances following the death of her husband, Prince Philip, impose a certain line linked to mourning. Purple is a color of mourning especially at the level of royalty.

“The choice of purple in all tones”

This sharing of Buckingham Palace foreshadows the possible dress style of the queen for the coming weeks. While nothing official has been announced about it, the circumstances speak volumes. In any case, Internet users will be fixed on this point in the coming days.

What is certain is that if the Queen decides to adopt purple for official outings, she will be spoiled for choice. Over the past 20 years, she has, after all, declined purple in every shade. Lavender, plum, mauve, violine, lilac, … everything is there! It is also not the choice of outfits that will be lacking if this will be the case.

Queen Elizabeth II © AGENCE

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