Elizabeth II: why she would always have favored Prince Edward at the expense of his brothers

Royal author Matthew Dennison claims Prince Edward would be his parents’ favorite child. A proven fact even if he “seemed a little wet and a little irritating to the rest of us”, still according to him. The Duke of York has always kept a good proximity with the Queen despite public mishaps. As a result, he has long been considered the favorite child. Only the Queen’s favorite son would actually be Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, 57, and not her brother, Prince Andrew.

Moreover, Matthew Dennison claims that Queen Elizabeth and her late husband, Prince Philip, would always have favored their youngest child. The first evidence being the incident in 1987 when Edward was 22. “Prince Edward, seemingly a little wet and a tad irritating to the rest of us, was always his parents’ favorite. This became evident in 1987 when 22-year-old Edward decided to leave the Royal Marines when he was only one-third of his basic 12-month training, ”says Dennison in his new biography The Queen.

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s indulgence contrasted”

Although Prince Philip was the captain general of the Royal Marines, he did not dispute the decision of the then 22-year-old prince at that time. “A week after Prince Edward left the Marines, he was pictured going to church in Sandringham alongside his father, which was seen as public evidence of support from Philip and the Queen, “says Matthew Dennison.

The writer qualifies this action as “a strong indulgence from the Duke of Edinburgh which contrasts sharply with his contempt for the eldest son”. Prince Charles had begged his mother to bring him back from Gordonstoun in Scotland which would later be called “Colditz in kilts”.

Queen Elisabeth II © AGENCE

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