Prince Andrew visits the Queen every day
The Duke of York wants to make amends for tarnishing the image of the royal family
Prince Andrew has settled sexual abuse case against Virginia Giuffre out of court
The Duke will be present at the ceremony at Windsor Castle on June 13

Unlike members of the royal family like Kate Middleton, Prince William or even Princess Anne, Prince Andrew is not known for his activity during royal engagements. Unfortunately, the Duke of York is most famous for sex abuse scandals. Note that this year, Prince Andrew had settled out of court the case of the scandal of sexual abuse of Virginia Giuffre. This by paying a considerable sum, according to the Daily Mail.

The magazine reports that Prince Andrew would visit Queen Elizabeth II every day. The reason being intimately linked to the scandals of which he was at the center. The royal is determined to make amends for the shame he has caused the royal family, reports the Daily Mail. Above all, he wants to prove that he is still useful to the family. He would also attempt to restore his reputation ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. After all, Prince Andrew, 62, would be present at the ceremony at Windsor Castle on June 13 and at the Court Circular, according to the media.

Only Queen Elizabeth II takes Prince Andrew’s side

The Duke of York wants to make amends with the Queen. With the exception of Her Majesty, the rest of the Royal Family agree that Prince Andrew should stay out of the limelight and be quiet, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to the Daily Mail. Recall that the royal was stripped of all his honorary military titles as well as his HRH designation last January. This follows the case of civil sexual abuse opposing him to Virginia Giuffre.

Virginia Giuffre had claimed she was forced to have sex with the Duke by Epstein. This three times when she was only 17 years old. Of course, Prince Andrew had denied these allegations on several occasions.

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