Elizabeth II: why her mother didn’t love Prince Philip and didn’t want him as a son-in-law

In The Queen Mother: War & Widowhood, a documentary aired this Saturday, May 29 on Channel 5 in England, the English will learn that the Queen Mother did not take a favorable view of the union of her daughter with Prince Philip. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon did not carry her daughter’s future husband in her heart.

And this, for several reasons as the Dailymail reveals: first, because Prince Philip had German blood. The Queen Mother “had a natural distrust and aversion to foreigners, especially Germans, reports royal author Hugo Vickers before explaining, she did not like Germans because her brother, Fergus, had been killed during World War I”. Fergus Bowes-Lyon died at the Battle of Loos in 1915. He was only 26 years old. An aversion all the stronger as two of Philip Mountbatten’s sisters had married members of the Nazi Party. The mother of the current Queen of England also had a grudge against Prince Philip’s uncle, Louis Mountbatten. She considered him to be an upstart.

Elizabeth II determined to marry Prince Philip

The queen mother would have preferred to see her daughter marry an English aristocrat or a grenadier guard. A regiment she was particularly fond of since her brother, Fergus, had served there. “She also put a number of Grenadier officers in her daughter’s path,” said Hugo Vickers. But “Lilibet (note: the nickname of Elizabeth II) was more determined than her mother and (…) it was impossible for her to let go. Finally Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon had to authorize the marriage”, argues the royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were married in 1947. The latter died on April 9, a few weeks before his hundredth birthday.

Prince Philip and Queen Elisabeth II © AGENCE

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