Elizabeth II: why her little sister Margaret ended her life in a wheelchair

Margaret from the UK was a bit of a rebellious princess. Elizabeth II’s little sister has spent her life making headlines with her behavior that clashed with that of the rest of British royalty. The paparazzi took great pleasure in targeting her, she who was then an emblematic figure of the London jet set. She has had many adventures in particular and married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.

This union was considered the first modern marriage of the English royal family. Many artists and singers were invited to the ceremony. In 1978, they divorced after having cheated on each other. This separation is, once again, very publicized at the time. In addition to her unusual associates for her rank (Mick Jagger, The Beattles …), Princess Margaret did not have a healthy lifestyle at all. As explained by our colleagues from Point of View, the younger daughter of the Queen Mother had “excessive consumption of cigarettes and alcohol”. Her health took a hit and she was forced to undergo lung surgery in 1985.

A princess who lived only 71 years

She then had numerous strokes. One of them forces him to end his life in a wheelchair. His last public appearance dates back to August 2001. It was then the hundred and first birthday of his mother Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon. It was at the age of 71 that Margaret breathed her last on February 9, 2002, in the Edward-VII Hospital located in the capital of England. She is cremated, according to her last wishes. His ashes are buried in St. George’s Chapel, where his father Albert the Duke of York rests.

Elizabeth II: why her little sister Margaret ended her life in a wheelchair © BESTIMAGE

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