Elizabeth II: why did she wait so long to react to Meghan and Harry’s interview

A carefully studied answer. Sunday March 7, all of Buckingham Palace was on call to watch the shock interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry granted to Oprah Winfrey and broadcast on CBS. Racism, criticism of the royal family, denied many lies uttered against the Sussex couple … Several subjects were discussed during this interview which was not visibly watched by Elizabeth II, who however received a report detailed in order to react to the words of his grandson and his wife. A press release from the royal palace that was long overdue, and for good reason.

Indeed, it was not until Tuesday March 9 that Elizabeth II finally signed the Buckingham Palace press release in reaction to this interview. In it, she shows compassion for the Sussex couple, saying she is “saddened to learn how trying the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan”, also promising to discuss the racism accusations “in private”, especially against the Duchess, but also against her son Archie. A press release that emanates from long family discussions, since the queen, to avoid adding fuel to the fire, wished to wait to study all the possible answers, and not to broadcast a reaction in haste.

Elizabeth II “examined” the situation

Thus, Elizabeth II wished initially to carry out a “careful examination of the situation” to draft a response. “It was important for us to carefully review any response before posting; and of course, posting something that today meant viewers in the UK had the option to watch the interview, if they wished. “, explained an insider to the Mirror. Before publishing her reaction, the Daily Mail also reported that the Queen had made a point of speaking with Princes Charles and William, apparently “mad with grief” after the revelations of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, in particular the revelation of the strained relations which they have had for several months with the Duke of Sussex.

Elizabeth II with Meghan and Harry © Agency

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