They were inseparable. On November 20, 1947, Elizabeth II said “yes” to the man of her life, Prince Philip. A ceremony which took place at Westminster Abbey and which was broadcast by the BBC to more than 200 million people. In 73 years of marriage, the couple have been very close over the years and according to information published by Paris Match this Thursday, November 4, the Duke of Edinburgh had a lot of imagination. Indeed, when it came to teasing his wife, inspiration was very present. As the Queen of England got older, Prince Philip was out of the question that she would feel bad. So he kept calling her “my little sausage”. The reason ? “He helped her grow old, especially when she hit sixty, thickened up and suddenly took on the air of a stuck matriarch,” one can first read. However, this special nickname was not the only one the Duke of Edinburgh gave to Elizabeth II. Indeed, there was also “my little cauliflower head”. This one referred to “her permanent curls aligned with a line like on Louis XVI’s wigs”, concludes the newspaper.

His most loyal support. If Prince Philip was not lacking in imagination to tease his wife, Paris Match says that Elizabeth II saw no problem. “She did not change her hairstyle but laughed out loud, broken as she was at her witticisms, from the most playful to the most caustic”, we can read. Words she took “in the second degree. She had guessed for ages that they were concealing a tenderness that Philip would not have confessed for an empire,” he then explained. The sovereign could count on her husband to cheer her up. “With Prince Philip, Elizabeth had learned to make fun of others but also of herself. He kept the bedroom, especially when he saw her adorn herself with” all the royal stuff “, as he said”, can -on first read. This “royal stuff” refers to the “crown of great occasions, the heavy ermine cloak and the most splendid jewels stored in the monarchy chests”, concludes Paris Match. Attention which must have pleased the Queen of England.

Elizabeth II: why did she pay tribute to her late husband?

On October 20, it was reluctantly that Elizabeth II was forced to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland. A few days later, she announced that she would not be present at COP26. However, she wanted to record a speech as a video and she slipped a tribute to her late husband, Prince Philip. “The impact of the environment on human progress was a subject close to the heart of my dear late husband,” she first assured. Subsequently, she added: “I am very proud that my husband’s leading role in encouraging people to protect our fragile planet continues through the work of our oldest son, Charles, and his oldest son. , William, “she said. She also had a photograph of the Duke on the desk behind her and she wore a brooch given by her husband at their wedding. Small tributes which are a way for Elizabeth II to have her husband by her side during any occasion.

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip © AGENCY

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