Ultra-privileged access … We know, and this is normal, few people can directly discuss with Elizabeth II. Apart from his family, His Majesty has contacts only with a limited number of relatives: his direct advisers, his security agents or even the employees of the Crown. But when it comes to phoning the Queen, that number comes down to almost nothing. On her cell phone, encrypted and anti-hacking, Elizabeth II only answers two people. And it’s not about Prince Charles! According to royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti, it would be his daughter, Princess Anne, and John Warren, the director of Crown racing. “She has a cell phone that is said to be a Samsung with MI6 anti-hacking encryption so that no one can hack into her phone,” he explained, well informed.

“John Warren is the son-in-law of the Queen’s friend the late Earl of Carnarvon and his home was Highclere Castle in Berkshire which viewers may be better acquainted with as Downton Abbey,” the specialist continued. of the British Royal Family. This privileged man is one of the best riders in the world and oversees all of the Queen’s racing and horse breeding interests. A subject, as we know, of prime importance for Elizabeth II. At 95, Her Majesty has adapted to new technologies and social media to be in touch with both her family and the public in recent months. During the pandemic, she also improved her technical skills by leading several engagements through Zoom and other video calling services.

Elizabeth II: her phone “among the most sophisticated in the world”

In 2017, the Daily Mail revealed that Her Majesty had also created her own private Facebook account … “The Queen also has an iPad and a laptop, and she has a personal Facebook account – although no one outside the palace know how many “friends” she has, said expert Brian Hoey. She has her own mobile phone, has learned to send SMS and her phone is among the most sophisticated in the world. It is encrypted, like those used by the services security, and would be impossible to hack. The royal mobile is kept fully charged at all times by Angela Kelly, the Queen’s personal assistant. ” For those close to Elizabeth II, therefore, it is easy to keep in touch with the Queen. But when it’s neither her daughter nor the race director, not sure she’s answering …

Elizabeth II © AGENCY

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