Elizabeth II is recovering. As she celebrates her 70th anniversary of reign – the longest in UK history – in 2022, and after a start to the month on hats, the Queen of England faces health concerns for several days. Buckingham Palace has therefore announced that she must take at least two weeks off.

Elizabeth II can count on the help of her close collaborators to stay at her bedside. Among them his seamstress Angela Kelly and his favorite courtier, Paul Whybrew, also nicknamed “Tall Paul” because of his meter ninety-three.

An appearance alongside James Bond in 2012

“Tall Paul”, 62, is considered indispensable by the monarch. Always at his service, this faithful servant has probably even avoided a tragedy from occurring in the past. Indeed, in 1982, an intruder by the name of Michael Fagan, broke into the palace and then into the bedroom of Elizabeth II, finding himself face to face with the sovereign. After Queen Elizabeth finally managed to extricate herself from the room, the man found himself facing Paul Whybrew. After succeeding in calming Michael Fagan, “Tall Paul” offered him a glass of whiskey before taking him out of the room and delivering him to the authorities.

Another unusual anecdote. Paul Whybrew also made an appearance in 2012, in a short film shot for the London Olympics. In the footage, he can be seen walking alongside the Queen and Daniel Craig, world famous for his role as James Bond.

Paul Whybrew © Screenshot

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