On the night of Wednesday October 20 to Thursday October 21, Queen Elizabeth II was hospitalized. At 95, the queen is still particularly active. Yet this overloaded life no longer suits her conditions. Reason why his doctor had to take certain measures. Following her hospitalization, the queen was therefore put to forced rest. To regain strength, she decided to calm down in very good company. Indeed, it is her old friend Mabel Anderson who watches over her according to the Daily Mirror.

The friendship between Queen Elizabeth II and Mabel Anderson would not date from yesterday. Mabel Anderson, also 95, has already lent a hand to the royal family according to Time archives. She is said to have first appeared during Prince Charles’ childhood. At this time, the prince needed a nurse. And Mabel Anderson was the only candidate not to tremble with nervousness. It was then that she became the nanny of the Queen and Prince Philip.

Mabel Anderson, she was always there for Queen Elizabeth II

Mabel Anderson would have always had the sympathy of the royal family including that of the queen. “The Queen calls her sometimes and Mabel goes to watch TV with her. They are very intimate,” a source told the Daily Mirror.

“At 33, Mabel Anderson, with a fresh face, is still not married, but it is customary to always be called ‘Mrs’ in her work at Buckingham Palace,” Time wrote in 1960. This which is proof of the closeness between the two women. In addition, Mabel was said to have been a great support for the Queen last April when Prince Philip died.

Queen Elisabeth II © AGENCE

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