Queen Elizabeth II of England has been struggling to get around for months.
Her Majesty, Elizabeth II of England, has been absent from key events.
The list of his functions has been modified, reveals the Mirror on July 3, 2022.

Mobility issues for Queen Elizabeth II of England forced her to miss many important events. The 96-year-old Queen has had to forgo many public appearances, including some from her own Platinum Jubilee. Due to her health problems, the British sovereign relied on her family members to take on many roles. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, 73, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 40, have begun to take on increasingly prominent roles. “Charles and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, attended the official opening of Parliament together,” recalls the Mirror on July 3, 2022.

The official opening of Parliament is one of six key events Queen Elizabeth II of England was previously required to attend. In 2021, Prince Charles attended five of these significant events in the Queen’s Square. As for this year, it is the first in more than a decade that Queen Elizabeth II has had her official duties changed. Buckingham Palace was keen to remove some key events from the 96-year-old Queen’s schedule. Nevertheless, the mother of Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew still retains her functions as Head of State and Head of Nation.

Elizabeth II: the Queen of England keeps her two functions, but relies more and more on her family

The annual report on the Sovereign Grant signed by Sir Michael Stevens reveals the changes made to the programs of Queen Elizabeth II of England, 96, reports the Mirror. The engagement program of Elizabeth II is replaced by a broader program of “visits within the framework of royal programs” in the annual report. “The Queen is greatly aided by other members of the Royal Family who carry out official duties on Her Majesty’s behalf,” Mirror said.

Queen Elizabeth II of England – Members of the royal family wave to the crowd from the ball © Avalon


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