Tired but surrounded! Forced to rest after being hospitalized overnight, Elizabeth II can count on the support and presence of the British royal family. As soon as she returned to Windsor Castle, the Queen was treated to a nice surprise from George, Charlotte and Louis. Pained for their great-grandmother, the children of Kate Middleton and Prince Charles have decided to give her a nice gift. “Kate sent the Queen a huge bouquet of flowers from her family, a source told US Weekly. George, Charlotte and Louis wrote recovery cards.” Very worried for the health of Elizabeth II, the Duchess of Cambridge maintains almost permanent contact with the 95-year-old monarch, mainly by telephone.

“The Queen says she’s fine, but she’s said it before, so naturally the family is concerned,” the Crown source added. “They’ve been urging her to relax for months.” Despite the concerns of her family and her doctors, Elizabeth II continued to work daily, stringing together commitments, “because she hates people taking care of her,” according to the source. Now forced to rest, Her Majesty has decided to ease off and delegate some of her tasks to Princes Charles and William. “It prepares them to take over,” summarizes the informant to US Weekly. It is also the father and son who will travel to Glasgow on November 1st to attend Cop26. Sad at not being able to attend, Elizabeth II planned to record a video message.

Elizabeth II should only perform “light tasks”

Because if the queen thought to resume the normal course of her activities as quickly as possible, she will have to wait at least two weeks. This Friday, October 29, Buckingham Palace announced this news by adding that the monarch would not make any official travel during this period. No details were given on his health, nor on the examinations taken during his hospitalization. From Windsor Castle, Elizabeth II still continues to work. In video, she notably awarded the gold medal for poetry to the English poet David Constantine after meeting with several ambassadors, very smiling. Over the next few weeks, Her Majesty will therefore pursue “light tasks”, including videoconference hearings.

Elizabeth II © Agency

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