This Friday, June 3, was the second day of the celebrations for the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. A historic event from which the main interested party was absent, enough to worry the guests and the subjects of the British crown. The day before, the Palace had announced that Elizabeth II, aged 96, would not go to the mass scheduled for this weekend. In question, a “certain discomfort” that the sovereign would have felt during the parade in Windsor. “The Queen thoroughly enjoyed the birthday parade and the flypast,” a Buckingham spokesperson said. Thursday, Elizabeth II had already been unable to leave her residence to participate in the traditional Trooping the Color military parade, kicking off the festivities.

It was from the balcony of her palace that the Queen of England greeted some 1,800 soldiers and musicians this Thursday, June 2, in front of a jubilant crowd before retiring after ten minutes. 124 cannon shots and a mass later, Elizabeth II still does not seem to be able to take part in the festivities. During a reception organized at the Gildhall last night, Kate Middleton finally gave her news. “Yes, the Queen was fine,” the Duchess of Cambridge confirmed to The Associated Press. “It was just very tiring [for her] yesterday,” adding that Elizabeth II “had a very enjoyable time. An official statement from Buckingham adds: “The Queen is delighted to participate in Beacon Lighting tonight at Windsor Castle and would like to thank everyone who made the day such a memorable one. »

Elizabeth II weakened, a feverish kingdom

If the Queen of England officially needs to take a rest, we are worried to see her so little enjoying the festivities of her own jubilee. A source close to the crown told People magazine that Elizabeth II would occasionally suffer from mobility problems, a “discomfort” which would have worsened last Thursday. A hypothesis supported by a photograph showing her leaning on a cane during her salute to the troops from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The Queen would have trouble standing for long, a problem she even laughed at, joking during one meeting, “Well, as you can see, I can’t move!” Elizabeth II will not attend the traditional Epsom derby this Saturday, June 4. A horse race that she will nevertheless follow in front of her television with tea and a cloud of milk.


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