Elizabeth II: uneasy after her grandson Peter Phillips’ mischief in full confinement

Health restrictions apply to everyone and even members of the royal family. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Peter Philips has been talked about in recent days for non-compliance with health restrictions put in place in the United Kingdom to stop the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. These impose in particular a limitation of movements. Scotland only allows travel for “essential purposes”. A rule that was broken by Zara Tindall’s brother. As reported by The Sun, Peter Philips was indeed seen near the home of a friend of his sister, located more than 700km from his royal residence. On Saturday, his car was still present in the driveway of the property as several sources in the vicinity indicated.

It was the neighbors, annoyed by this prank in the midst of a pandemic, who would have warned the police: “At around 6:40 p.m. Friday, the police received a report indicating a potential violation of the regulations linked to the coronavirus, at a property in St Cyrus “said a spokesman for the Scottish Police, who said several of his colleagues” spoke to the occupiers and found no breach of the law. ” Peter Philips defended himself through one of his spokespersons who declared that this trip was carried out in a professional context for his company, XL Medical.

Peter Philips separated from his wife for a year

Last year Peter Philips was already talking about him by announcing his separation from his wife Autumn after 12 years of marriage. It was the latter who would have made the decision, leaving the 43-year-old devastated. News that her parents, Princess Anne and her husband, Mark Phillips, had not seen. Queen Elizabeth II also had a hard time digesting the news. She had no idea that Autumn could make such a decision. “She is the favorite of the queen and I am sure that Her Majesty will also be very upset,” said a relative of the couple. Note that Peter and Autumn were parents of two little girls: Savannah, nine, and Isla, seven.

Peter Philips © Agency

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