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Elizabeth II: traditional Christmas celebrations ruined by Covid-19?

On Wednesday September 9, 2020, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said at a press conference that any gathering of more than six people (indoors or outdoors) was now banned in England. This new, rather strict government rule aims to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within British territory.

Even if this solution was put in place for the good of the inhabitants, it could have consequences for the population in the months to come, if it is not lifted. Indeed, as The Mirror clarified this Sunday, September 13, this could have an impact on the smooth running of the Christmas celebrations and in particular those of Queen Elizabeth II. As revealed by our colleagues, the traditional holiday of the end of the year could lose some of its magic given that with the famous “rule of six”, it seems unlikely that the mother of Prince Charles and her relatives will be able to go to church for Christmas day, as usual. It is customary for the English royal family to continue the day by going to eat at Sandringham House. However, it is now unthinkable that the many main members of the royalty could all meet, the instruction being not to exceed six people, whether at home or outside.

Crowd movements prohibited

The queen will therefore have to make compromises, if the government continues to believe that this measure is necessary and that it must be maintained until the beginning of the year 2021. For the moment, no information has been released concerning the duration of this new sanitary instruction. For Christmas, crowd movements could be banned, especially in St Mary Magdalene Church in the village of Sandringham, in Norfolk County. The British royal family will thus certainly be forced to revise its plans, even if it means abandoning some old traditions for the holiday season …

Queen Elizabeth II of England in the State Dinners Room at Buckingham Palace in London on December 10, 2014 after the Christmas message was recorded on television. © AGENCY

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