On April 27, Queen Elizabeth II’s guards were surprised to discover that among them was an intruder. As revealed by The Sun on May 2, 2022, a man posing as a priest broke into the grounds of Windsor Castle and was able to spend several hours there before being spotted. How did he fool the guards? With a believable lie and above all a lot of self-confidence. As The Sun reports, the man introduced himself as Father Cruise and posed as a friend of the regimental chaplain. This is how he found himself welcomed by the infantry unit of the Coldstream Guards, who even offered him food and drink… and even something to spend the night. The Victoria Barracks is located only a few hundred meters from Windsor’s main residence, which has already been the target of several intrusions.

On April 27, 2022, however, Queen Elizabeth II was not in Windsor but in Sandringham, so she would have been, in any case, inaccessible for this intruder. According to testimony reported by The Sun, the fake father Cruise “spent the evening regaling the troops with tales of past military escapades.” Stories that can still be believed, until the man, perhaps a little overconfident, begins to tell that he also had another much more original activity, which began to arouse the suspicions of soldiers responsible for ensuring the safety of the monarch. He indeed “claimed to have been an ejection seat test pilot” but also to have had “several organs replaced”. However, the suspicions are too low for anyone not to check their identity, which was also not checked at the entrance to the barracks.

Several intruders since Michael Fagan

This is how the impostor finds himself invited to spend the night with the guards of Elizabeth II, within the barracks. The following day, April 27, the local police in Thames Valley finally received a call to report the presence of an intruder. According to the Guardian, “officers attended and removed the intruder from the barracks before arresting him. No further action was required.” In a communication addressed to CBS, a spokesperson for the British army explained that this intrusion “will be the subject of a thorough investigation”. In 2021, a 19-year-old man armed with a crossbow managed to reach Windsor Lawns before being arrested. In 1982, Michael Fagan, an unemployed man suffering from schizophrenia, reached the Queen’s bedroom in Buckingham Palace.

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