Harry Legge-Bourke is Tiggy’s brother. This was the nanny of princes William and Harry when they were children. Former Welsh Guards Captain Harry Legge-Bourke has divorced his wife Iona Maclean according to a Daily Mail article from February 11, 2022. The couple have two children and are separated after 21 years of marriage. This separation between Harry Legge-Bourke, soon to be 50, and Iona Maclean, 52, saddens Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95. Harry Legge-Bourke is very close to the British royal family. As a child, he was once “Page of Honor” to Queen Elizabeth II of England. Harry Legge-Bourke also wore the long train of Her Majesty’s robe to important ceremonies.

The nanny brother of Prince William, 39, and Prince Harry, 37, expects to face a hefty divorce bill according to the Daily Mail. “Harry Legge-Bourke is even more worried about the future of his ancestral domain than ever before,” a source said. Harry Legge-Bourke is in charge of the maintenance of the Glanusk Park estate. This 16,000-acre estate in Crickhowell, Brecon Beacons, South Wales has been owned by the Legge-Bourke family since 1826. In last year’s ITV documentary A Year In The Beacons, the he former guards captain has already shown his concerns about the future of the area which has also been hit by the pandemic. “The last thing I want is to be the one who ruined everything and lost everything,” he said.

Divorce from Tiggy’s brother saddens other royals

Queen Elizabeth II, 95, is not the only person affected by the sad fate of Legge-Bourke. The Duke of Cambridge, 39, and the Duke of Sussex, 37, are also close friends with Harry Legge-Bourke. The Daily Mail recalls that Legge-Bourke “was a regular ski companion of the future king”. Moreover, Harry Legge-Bourke is not the only one to be close to the British royal family. Prince Harry, husband of Meghan Markle, is the godfather of Tiggy’s son, Fred. Tiggy also happens to be godmother to the Sussexes’ eldest son Archie, 2. Legge-Bourke’s mother, Shan, is also a lady-in-waiting to Princess Anne, 71, according to Daily Mail.

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