Queen Elizabeth II is determined to move forward. While she has been going through complicated times in recent months between the disappearance of her husband, the withdrawal of Prince Harry’s royal family and all the controversies that followed, she found the strength necessary to make a very heavy with meaning. Indeed, according to information from the Daily Mail, she intends to return to Sandringham. She will sign her big comeback there alone, for the first time since the death of Prince Philip. “Everything is in order for the Queen’s visit,” said a source close to the royal family. “We were told she would be staying at Wood Farm, rather than the main house, which is good as it has always held a special place in her heart.”

Even the queen knows that the feeling will not be the same in this cottage, since she used to come there with her husband. For good reason, when he retired from public office in 2017 at the age of 95, he particularly liked going there. This is the place he called home. To make the place more welcoming and warm, he had renovations done. Thus, a new, more functional and modern kitchen had been installed. For his part, while his wife worked, he enjoyed reading, writing and painting.

Prince Philip loved simplicity

But it is also in this place that lovers liked to meet to live a life as a normal couple. Contrary to protocol, Prince Philip had insisted that staff at Wood Farm wear plain clothes. He liked simplicity. Queen Elizabeth II hopes to find this character even without the presence of her late husband.

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