April 29, 2011 will remain an important date for British royalty. Indeed, this is the day Prince William married Kate Middleton. As the second pretender to the throne just behind Prince Charles, the marriage was exceptional. Only, the lovers had decided to be very active in the preparation of the most beautiful day of their lives. Indeed, as we can learn in the BBC documentary Royal Wedding: A Day to Remember, royal expert Roya Nikkhah said that William was very surprised when he received the list of suggested guests, as reported by the Mirror. For good reason, neither he nor his future wife knew most of the guests.

So he took his courage in both hands and decided to go talk to Queen Elizabeth II. “When the guest list was drawn up, [William] was very puzzled and had a conversation with the Queen to tell her he didn’t know any of these people,” the royal expert shared. “He wasn’t very happy about it. The Queen then just said to him, ‘Tear up that list and start where you want to start and invite whoever you want.’ That’s what they did.” Thus, they had chosen themselves to invite their 1900 guests.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have chosen their guests

Among these guests who were invited to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, only 300 were then able to attend the dinner organized at Buckingham Palace. The majority of the guests, around 1,000, were relatives, friends or family, of the couple. To still respect the protocol, there were also 50 people less close to the royal family, around forty from foreign royal families, as well as 200 members of the government, parliament and the diplomatic corps.

Elizabeth II: this tradition which she had renounced for the wedding of Kate and William

Kate Middleton and Prince William © CYRIL MOREAU

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