Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial opened in November 2021, and it has been the scene of many revelations. Among the latter, a photo that made a lot of talk about her. We already know that the British royal family is linked, via Prince Andrew, to the scandal which affected Jeffrey Epstein, accused of pedophilia, and his companion Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of having brought him young girls. But the trial of the former jet-setter also allowed a compromising photo to come out. As the Mirror explains, this is a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein together, and completely relaxed, in front of a wooden cabin at Balmoral, the summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland.

The date the photo was taken is not known, but according to the Mirror, the Maxwell-Epstein couple were invited to Balmoral by Prince Andrew in 1999. A photo that will not help matters for the royal family, which has already taken steps to avoid being further spattered by the Epstein affair and its possible connection to Prince Andrew. The latter was indeed accused by Virginia Giuffre of having, with the help of Jeffrey Epstein, abused her between the years 2000 and 2002. The young woman maintains that Prince Andrew was “one of the powerful men” to whom it was “given for a sexual purpose”. He is also the target of other complaints that he continues to deny outright. If Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his cell in 2019 after being accused of pedophilia and sexual assault, Ghislaine Maxwell is in the middle of a trial on six different counts.

Prince Andrew was involved in the Epstein scandal?

The ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein is accused of having been his reel between 1994 and 2004, in charge of picking up young girls in poor neighborhoods, gaining their trust and bringing them back to Epstein’s home so that they can ‘he rapes them. She was promising them thousands of dollars for sexual services. Some of these women would also have been “loaned” to relatives of the businessman, relatives of which Prince Andrew may have been part. Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial also allowed several victims to speak out to testify against the accused, who pleaded not guilty to most of her charges.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein © Zuma Press

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