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Elizabeth II: this radical decision of Buckingham to protect the Queen

The Crown continues to adapt. To protect the health of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, who, at 94, is among the people most at risk of viral disease, Buckingham has taken a radical new decision. According to information from Rebecca English, royal correspondent for the British tabloid The Daily Mail, the palace announced that, as a precautionary measure and in accordance with the instructions of the government across the Channel, “there will be no events in large scale “, neither at Buckingham Palace nor at Windsor Castle. And this, “during the rest of the year” and to the detriment of the next investiture ceremony. An event that takes place twice a year, at the start of a new year and in the month of June, celebrating the coronation of His Royal Highness. However, according to the Royal.uk site, “nearly 30 investitures take place each year.”

The Crown investigated whether it was possible for the Investitures to proceed safely and in accordance with government measures. In vain, according to Rebecca English. “Due to the large number of guests and recipients present, it was not possible to find a way to organize events safely.” The investitures are not canceled, however: “the recipients will be contacted individually.” As a reminder, since Monday, September 14, receptions of more than six people have been banned in Great Britain due to an upsurge in coronavirus contamination across the Channel. A decision taken by Boris Johnson – who has personally fought against COVID-19 – in order to avoid a second wave. But if this measure would be necessary, it puts the end of year celebrations of Her Majesty Elizabeth II to evil. Each year, the Queen of England has a habit of welcoming members of the Windsor-Mountbatten clan to Sandringham to celebrate Christmas with the family. For now, according to Rebecca English, the Queen will spend her October in Windsor and return to Buckingham Palace during the fall.

Buckingham Palace have announced that in line with current government guidelines, and as a sensitive precaution in the current circumstances, there will be no large scale events held at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle for the rest of the year.

– Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) October 1, 2020

A summer at Balmoral

A hard return to reality for Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Because, during the summer, the monarch had the joy of attending the wedding of her granddaughter, Princess Beatrice. Union celebrated in secret in July. And after a one-to-one meal with her daughter, Princess Anne, in August, the sovereign was able to enjoy a few days of respite at Balmoral Castle with her husband, Prince Philip. On Wednesday September 16, she left this house to take refuge in Sandringham. But if the coronavirus has turned his plans upside down – and threatened the health of his eldest son Prince Charles in March 2020 – a royal baby could well make him smile.

Buckingham takes the lead © Agence

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