Elizabeth II: this overwhelming reason that pushes her to continue without Prince Philip

Soon three months she walks without her rock by her side. On April 9, Prince Philip breathed his last at the age of 99, leaving behind his wife Queen Elizabeth who had shared his daily life for seven decades. After having observed a mourning of a few weeks, it is with aplomb and without showing the slightest sign of weakness that the monarch has returned to the front of the stage by resuming the course of her royal engagements. So lately, her Royal Highness has chained visits and trips, without failing, always appearing smiling and in a good mood. If the absence of Prince Philip does not make it less felt for his Majesty, who was devastated after his departure, she makes a point of honor to continue his public functions in order to do honor to the Duke of Edinburgh.

As the royalty expert, Phil Dampier explained to the Daily Mail, Prince Philip would have liked Elizabeth II to continue to “live fully”: “Some might think it is strange that she is so happy so little long after Prince Philip’s death, but I think there is a simple explanation (…) I’m sure he told her to enjoy her own life. He wouldn’t want her to sit still to mourn him as Queen Victoria did for Albert. ” he explained. The journalist and author also clarified that the relaxation of health restrictions linked to Covid-19 in the United Kingdom had given “new energy” to the queen and that she had, in fact, regained her “enthusiasm”.

How does Queen Elizabeth II continue to pay tribute to Prince Philip?

Wherever she goes, the Queen almost always pays homage to her late husband in ways that are often very discreet and subtle. On June 29, for example, during a visit to Scotland, she wore a particularly symbolic and significant rose-shaped brooch. This was made from a diamond tiara she had received as a gift for her wedding to Prince Philip. A very precious piece which is as valuable from a material point of view as it is sentimental.

Queen Elizabeth II © Agency

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