The British are about to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of their Queen, Elizabeth II. A grandiose event that will celebrate its 70 years of reign. On the program: four days of festivities. The highlight of this event will take place on June 5 with the participation of British singer Ed Sheeran. The latter, described as a “national treasure” by the organizers, as reported by Télé Loisirs, will give a concert in tribute to the 96-year-old monarch. The interpreter of Shape on you said he was “proud to be part of the celebrations”.

Before the concert given by the British singer, a parade, the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, will take place in the streets of London which will be draped with symbols of the British monarchy for the occasion. Acts of “theatre, circus, music, street art” and the participation of 10,000 “artists, dancers, musicians, soldiers, key workers and volunteers”, from “all parts of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth” who will tell “the story of the Queen’s 70-year reign in an impressive festival of creativity”, the organizers announced last January when they unveiled the program of festivities. “It’s something unique. In all our history, we have never had the opportunity to celebrate 70 years of reign”, underlined Adrian Evans, the “conductor” of the parade.

Elizabeth II won’t be attending all the festivities for her Platinum Jubilee

If the queen will attend the event, she was forced, given her state of health, to review her plans. A “very tired” Elizabeth II should limit her appearances to “just a few” events, a Crown expert has said. “It will be very difficult and I think she will only show herself at a few events, perhaps in the service of St Paul’s, explained Angela Levin. It will be very important for her because she is a Christian.” And to conclude: “But if she is there, she will appreciate the fact that the public wants to be there and support her.”

Queen Elizabeth II of England at the launch of the Queen’s Baton, relay of the Commonwealth Games 20 © AGENCY

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