Elizabeth II: this infantile attitude of Prince Charles which would have made him lose his temper

The feud between Prince Harry and his father Prince Charles is cause for concern for Queen Elizabeth II. While reconciliations still do not seem to be on the agenda, as reported by The Sun, the Queen has reportedly lost her temper in the face of the Duke of Cornwall’s lack of goodwill to maintain a better relationship with her son. The monarch would blame Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband for his childish attitude, since the latter would let his personal pride come before the interests of the monarchy. “Elizabeth II feels that Prince Charles is putting her pride ahead of the best interests of the monarchy. She has enough to deal with the loss of her husband. It is a tragedy she can do without.” a source told US Weekly. Behavior unworthy of a future king and which bothers the sovereign a lot, who wants more than anything that this royal fracture be repaired.

On the other hand, she would be very satisfied with Prince William’s “dignified approach” to family reconciliations and hopes that the Prince of Wales will do the same: “They (Harry and William, editor’s note) are certainly not at the point where they speak regularly, but William wants to be mature. He believes that to undo the damage and destruction from Harry’s interview, the best approach is to keep things cordial with his brother rather than fan the flames. and retaliate with a similar attitude. ” said the same source before adding: “Elizabeth is proud of William for taking a dignified approach, unlike Charles, who still has not forgiven Harry for dragging his name in the mud.”

Tensions eased for Archie’s birthday?

If he is disappointed by the Sussexes since their interview with Oprah, Prince Charles still looked good for little Archie’s birthday this Thursday, May 6, by sending a tender message to his grandson. A sign that the tensions may be easing? In any case, this is what a royal observer is convinced: “The fact that Buckingham Palace and the other royal households have released something so publicly when they are no longer working for the royal family is clearly a sign that all efforts are being made. made, at least on their behalf, to try to maintain and nurture a relationship with Harry and Meghan, however fragile they may be “. In order to reconnect with his father, Prince Harry would have sent a very personal letter. In this letter, the Duke of Sussex would have liked to “set the record straight” and “set out the reasons for his departure” to America.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II © Agence / Bestimage

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