Queen Elizabeth II of England, 95, is known for her grip. If his son Andrew of York is known to tyrannize his employees, the reputation of His Majesty is quite different. “You’re fired!” she would have shouted at Angela Kelly, her dresser since 2002. Angela Kelly, the seamstress made a “cruel joke” to the mother of Prince Charles, 73 years old. She accompanied Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on a royal tour of Australia in 2006, according to her book The Other Side of the Coin. On this tour, Queen Elizabeth II of England was very keen to see a kookaburra. Aware of this desire for Elizabeth II, Angela Kelly decided to play a trick on him. During a trip to the Sydney market, the seamstress bought a stuffed kookaburra.

Angela Kelly, 64, put the stuffed kookaburra in a cage placed on her bedroom balcony. She then announced to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England that she had found a “funny gray bird”. “It’s a kookaburra,” exclaimed the grandmother of Princes William and Harry when she saw the bird in its cage. The fashion designer opened the door of the cage under the eyes of the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II. She shouted: “No! Don’t do that. He will fly away”. But the stuffed kookaburra did not fly away, Angela Kelly told the Queen of England with a serious look that the bird was dead.

“You are fired!” exclaimed Queen Elizabeth to her seamstress after her prank

Angela Kelly confessed in her book that Prince Andrew’s mother “looked horrified.” In front of the annoyed air of the grandmother of princes William and Harry, the royal dresser Angela Kelly put an end to her joke. Holding out her arms to him, she said “April Fool’s Day”. “You are fired!” retorted Queen Elizabeth II of England with a joking tone. “Do you know what she just did to me? Angela got me!” she said, turning to Prince Philip. According to Gala magazine, “the queen is said to have a great sense of humor and is fond of jokes and pranks”.

Queen Elizabeth II of England © Agency

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