It is an image that will be remembered. On Saturday April 17, the British royal family gathered in Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor for the funeral of Prince Philip, who died on April 9 at the age of 99. A great moment of emotion for this funeral to which 30 people had been invited, due to a health crisis, to which Elizabeth II was obviously present. After more than 70 years of life together, the queen paid a last tribute to her late husband, after having watched over his coffin before the ceremony. Arrived with a lady companion at the event, it is alone, entirely dressed in black, that she entered the chapel, before settling on a bench, separated from a few places from her son, Prince Andrew .

Facing her husband’s coffin, decorated with several flags as well as her Royal Navy officer’s cap and a wreath of flowers on which she had left a note intended for her dear and tender, Elizabeth II offered a good sad image of this day. And if she is known for showing incredible composure in public, she let out a few tears at the end of the ceremony, once in her Bentley. “She is a woman with deep feelings, but she works very hard to show a straight face. Part of it is because of her role, her temper and the way she was brought up,” says royal biographer Sally. Bedell Smith, at USA Today.

The Queen wipes away a tear as she says goodbye to her husband of 73 years #PrincePhilipFuneral

– Charlie Proctor (@MonarchyUK) April 17, 2021

Elizabeth II intends to stay as close as possible to her husband

Visibly on the verge of tears before her arrival at Windsor Chapel, Elizabeth II did not cry during the ceremony, where several members of the royal family appeared shaken by emotion, such as Prince Charles, or the Prince Edward and Sophie from Wessex. “I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of a loss for the Queen – there is no doubt that it will be the most difficult day of her life,” Victoria Arbiter told USA Today, recalling that the day of the funeral of her sister Princess Margaret in 2002, Elizabeth II was inconsolable. “People who were there and sitting next to her told Bedell Smith that she was ‘in tears’ and ‘the saddest we’ve ever seen,’ she said, as she wished. now live as close as possible to her husband, in Windsor.

Elizabeth II © Agency

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