Elizabeth II: this first symbolic trip for the Queen since the death of Prince Philip

Since Prince Philip’s death, Elizabeth II has never returned to her Norfolk estate. For this first symbolic trip, the queen was seen driving a land rover accompanied by two men. One can recognize in the photograph, John Warren, his adviser in matters of breeding and horse racing. According to what Sun magazine reports: “she arrived there by helicopter on Friday evening and should stay there until Monday, July 19”.

The Queen drove a Land Rover around the Norfolk Estate. In Sandringham is the estate of Wood Farm Cottage where her late husband has chosen to retire since August 2017. The Duke of Edinburgh spent his time there reading history books and biographies and also painted watercolors. Besides his activities, his favorite pastime remains horses and especially driving.

“The queen got into the saddle for the first time at the age of four”

The passion for horses is a common thread between Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip. On her own, “The Queen has owned hundreds of racehorses over the years and has won over 1,600 racing victories.” We know the queen’s passion for thoroughbred racehorses. This explains the presence of John Warren, his adviser in matters of breeding and races.

However, she also breeds Shetland ponies and Fell ponies. The former are bred at Balmoral in Scotland and the latter at Hampton Court. This attachment for ponies comes from the early childhood of the Queen. It was at the age of 4 that she started riding a Shetland pony, Peggy.

Queen Elisabeth II © Agency

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