The date of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee is getting closer and in order to celebrate the 70 years of the sovereign’s reign with dignity, the royal family’s Instagram account has set up a very nice little device. Until June 2, 2022, the official date of the celebrations which arrives in 70 days from this March 24, the account is preparing to share “one image per day of the Queen – each representing a year of the 70 years of reign of Her Majesty “. The first photo shared is therefore particularly symbolic since it was taken the year of the death of King George VI, about twenty days after his accession to the throne of the United Kingdom.

The photo caption reads: “1952: Just 20 days after the Queen’s accession to the throne, Her Majesty posed for her first official photograph. Taken by Dorothy Wilding, the photographs were used as a model for the Queen’s portrait on new coins, notes and stamps In 1952 some products were still rationed in the UK following World War II Tea rationing ended in 1952 but a complete end to rationing did not come before 1954”. Thanks to these posts, which promise to be daily, the royal family’s Instagram account takes the public on a journey through time which retraces, one photo at a time, the extraordinary journey of Queen Elizabeth II.

Major developments at Balmoral

These celebrations, which will take place over a long weekend at the beginning of June 2022, will also make it possible to forget the recent health problems of the 95-year-old queen. In fact, Elizabeth II was affected by Covid-19. Since then, the recovery has been difficult and many are worried about the state of health of the queen. She also recently had a wheelchair-accessible elevator installed at Craigowan Lodge for the modest sum of 24,000 euros, proof that she intends to spend more time there. Balmoral Castle has also been equipped with a state-of-the-art alarm and video surveillance system to allow him to stay there in peace.

Queen Elizabeth II © ALPHA AGENCY

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