Elizabeth II: this filthy portrait of Prince Philip that touched her heart

Honor Morisson, a 23 year old young woman drew the portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh. After finishing it, she decided to leave the canvas in the living room of her family home for a few weeks. She found her work to be “scary”, and based on a joke, created a challenge. She suggested that if she reached over 1,000 likes, she would send the portrait to Buckingham Palace. Against all odds, her video went viral, and she got the likes it wanted. She therefore decided to film herself packing the package while accompanying it with a letter of sincere condolence.

The package was sent to Buckingham Palace in May without expecting any return, but to her surprise she received a response. Last week an envelope stamped with the Royal Mail ER reached him. Honor “filmed herself opening the letter and found a flyer of photos on Prince Philip and a letter personalized with the Queen’s name.” The letter speaks of the recognition of the Queen following the reception of the painting and the letter of condolence from the young woman.

“The Queen was deeply touched by the messages she received from all over the world”

Prince Philip died at the age of 99 and was buried on April 17. During this loss of her beloved, Queen Elizabeth was well surrounded. However, the various letters and messages she received gave her great comfort as well. The death of the Duke of Edinburgh also left its mark on many people. This is the case with Honor who said that “her death struck a chord with me. It was a sunny afternoon and I really wanted to gasp.” That’s why, she decided to paint this portrait which earned her a response from Buckingham Palace. The young woman declares: “I am just very honored and very grateful”.

Queen Elisabeth II © Agency

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