Elizabeth II: this extremely rare accessory that she took out to relax in Windsor

Always so energetic, Queen Elizabeth II attends one of her favorite equestrian competitions. The Queen can be seen displaying wide smiles while attending the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Elizabeth II chose to wear the same turquoise coat that she wore in Edinburgh.

On this last day of Holyrood Week, she wore a matching turquoise coat with a beautiful floral hat. As an accessory, the queen wore a pearl necklace perfectly matched with earrings of the same kind. She completed her look with a beautiful brooch from her huge collection.

The amazing thing is that to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Queen Elizabeth chose to take off her hat and remove her brooch. To make herself comfortable, the queen opted to wear a pair of sunglasses. Sheltered from the sun under the wooden shelter of her dressing room, Elizabeth II was able to enjoy the entire show in the company of Lady Penny. Like the Queen, Lady Penny also opted for a gorgeous pair of sunglasses.

“This Thursday was the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show”

Queen Elizabeth II started her Scottish week at a soda factory accompanied by William. On the morning of the last day of her visit, her granddaughter, Princess Anne, accompanied her to ECCI, an institute that works in the field of climate change issues. The Queen and Princess arrive at the institute in an ecological hybrid Land Rover, Prince Philippe’s favorite brand.

Elizabeth II did not forget to point out that the car was an electric car. Following her interview with the experts, Elizabeth II concluded that changes needed to be made. In Elizabeth II’s own words, “we’re really going to have to change the way we do things in the end.” The Queen was eager to return to England for the simple reason that this day was the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. This cherished event was not canceled in 2020, but she was unable to attend due to health restrictions.

Queen Elisabeth II © AGENCE

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